Christmas time is nearing which means soon it'll be party time! Christmas season is a big deal in my country and you can expect to hold a celebration (or a party) with different groups. For example, I could spend it with my family, my co-workers, my friends from high school, friends from college, etc. Can you imagine how many parties are those?

For family and relatives, it's pretty simple... we usually spend it at someone's house. We just prepare food, gifts, and, of course, karaoke! And I just remembered we need to buy a couple of wireless mics for the party.
My friend asked me to accompany him to the music store a few days ago. He wanted to buy something that he said had limited availability.  While he was shopping, I went and looked at the guitars. There was this guy who was playing the ukelele and it made me think I also want to learn how to play it. So now I'm confused... guitar or ukelele? Well, I can always learn both but I have to choose one first. Which one do you think?
Yes, I was on a postcard swapping hiatus right now. I was disappointed the last time I sent a batch of postcards through the Postcrossing official site because I didn't get one in return. Yep, not even a single one. And I am too lazy to do direct swaps because I still haven't updated my postcard collection, yet. Besides, I'm pretty much occupied with other stuff right now like online shopping. Haha! Just kidding! But I'd really love to get me one of those magnetic bracelets from Have you seen them?
Yes, what the title says... because I got my scanner fixed already. Yay!

Not like I really have much to post... I have received very few postcards this year and would you believe I haven't received anything from the official Postcrossing site? Sigh... this really makes me sad.

Anyway, I'm doing some online shopping right now for a cushion foam to buy. See, I have slipped disks and it is recommended for me to sleep flat on my back with both my legs folded and knees raised (Got it?). Problem is, my legs fall when I am already asleep. So, I'm thinking I need a long triangle-shaped pillow that I can put under my knees when I sleep, so, my legs won't fall. Anyone wants to gift me one? Haha!

Will be posting again soon, so, watch out for it, okay?
Now that I'm back to postcard and mail swapping, I thought it is a good idea to have my address label printed instead of writing it over and over again. I finally was able to make the trip to the print shop and got these printed...

I had about 4 sheets printed and I manually cut them. Now, I have a tin full of address labels.

I used the labels for the first time on some postcards and a Redditgifts package that I sent out last week.

This is my first time joining an exchange in Redditgifts and I hope the package will reach its destination safely and soon, too. I haven't received my package, yet, and I'm really excited to find out who my Secret Santa is and what he sent me! It's a sticker swap and I love stickers, so, I'm pretty sure I'm going to like whatever Santa sent me!